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About JP Arbor Consulting


JP Arbor Consulting LLC provides supervision of construction activities around NYC owned trees in all five boroughs as required by NYC DPR Regulations. We also provide arborist services to homeowners, smaller contractors, condominium associations and municipalities.

Our primary responsibilities include:

  1. Preconstruction surveying of all trees within construction zone/location
  2. Filing all applications for parks permits
  3. Monitoring all pruning, removals and planting involved with projects
  4. Supervising all excavating and other construction activities near NYC owned trees in order to avoid/limit any potential damage from such activities
  5. Provide mitigation of any unavoidable damage and plans to avoid future adverse impacts
  6. Writing of daily reports for NYC Agencies responsible for contract
  7. Work closely with all parties including: city agency representatives, contractors, inspectors and engineers to maintain positive flow of contract work.

JP Arbor Consulting LLC is currently overseeing construction activities involving: Pedestrian Ramp and Sidewalk installation, sewer/water main installation, Bioswale construction, BMPs and storm water management contracts. JP Arbor Consulting LLC also overseas all pruning, planting and tree removals involved with client contracts. We work with all NYC agencies on projects from $10K to over $80 Million.

Jeff Pilot, President of JP Arbor Consulting LLC, has over twenty years of experience in the green industry and holds Certification from the International Society of Arboriculture and is also one of the few New Jersey Licensed Tree Experts. Jeff also holds Certification as a FEMA Disaster Response Tree Expert. Our staff of ISA Certified Arborists also bring decades of industry experience and we would be happy to provide you with our services for any upcoming construction contracts.